The Last Day Of The Sound

• We have it on good authority that today will be the final full day on-air for Entercom Classic Rock KSWD (100.3 The Sound)/Los Angeles. Entercom’s divestiture of the station to Educational Media Foundation (EMF) is scheduled to happen sometime tomorrow, about 24 hours before the close of Friday’s big Entercom/CBS Radio merger.

The demise of The Sound is not sitting well with many rock stars, including REO Speedwagon’s Kevin Cronin, who was recently driving down Wilshire Boulevard when his spider sense picked up more than just the usual petroleum-based smell permeating from the nearby La Brea Tar Pits. “A-HA!” Cronin exclaimed as he cranked up The Sound, which was free-styling at the time with a made-up feature called an “REO Triple Play™.” No, seriously. [Ed. note: what are they gonna do, fire someone?]

Cronin (left) screeched to a halt in front of The Sound’s building, raced to an elevator, and was soon in-studio with personality Tony Scott (right). “This is my radio station! They can’t shut it down!” Cronin exclaimed. “So if you need me, I will be chained to the tower. Bring me some food once in a while.”

Sadly, it fell to Sound PD Dave Beasing to dispense a large dose of hard reality to Cronin, as he told him, “We understand. You can’t fight this feeling, but roll with the changes. We’ll keep on loving you… but it’s time for you to fly.”