KCAL Hit By Budget Cuts

• Anaheim Broadcasting Mainstream Rock KCAL/Riverside-San Bernardino has been rocked — and not in that good way — by serious budget cuts that have resulted in the departure of several prominent staffers, including longtime morning show members James “Jimbo” Smith and Tiffany Angelo, along with their producer, Steven Kono. Also departing is Michael “Stu-Man” Stewart, a 42-year KCAL vet who had been doing nights for the past year. Pictured, (l-r): Stu, Tiffany & Jimbo, who reigned together in morning drive for 20 years until Stu transitioned to nights last year.

“The cuts took us by surprise,” said Daryl Norsell, KCAL PD and afternoon host, adding, “Especially when the station is seeing some of the best ratings success we’ve had in years. Each of them are incredibly talented and dedicated, and more importantly, really great people.” GM Jeff Parke commented, “Ownership decided they just couldn’t keep operating KCAL with such high expenses. All of the people we had to let go are like family to me. This has been really tough, to say the least.” KCAL will now run a heavily music-intensive morning show, hosted by remaining show staffer Patrick Tish, while nights will be handled by KCAL Production Director Frank Garcia.

These aforementioned fine folks are now available for their next opportunity: James “Jimbo” Smith is at 951-255-224 or [email protected]; Reach Tiffany Angelo at [email protected]; Michael “The Stu-Man” Stewart at available at [email protected] and Steven Kono can be accessed at 909-354-1561 or [email protected].