Too Close To Home

• Our friend Dianna Jason, VP of Marketing for Meruelo Media’s KPWR (Power 106) & KDAY/Los Angeles and KDEY (Wild 93.5)/Riverside was attending the festival with some friends. They ended up getting separated during the shooting but thankfully, were unharmed physically. Yesterday Dianna updated us on her situation, as she told us, “It’s so sad to see live music events as soft targets. Last night was the last evening and the final artist to close a spectacular music festival. My friends and I are all safe after being separated and not being able to contact each other or find each other. If Apple doesn’t realize that during horrific events like this, the ability to access a radio would be priceless — please turn on your FM chip! We didn’t have Wi-Fi and went for hours wondering what was happening while sitting in a dark room with 60 strangers on lockdown. The endless sound of rapid gunfire and screams will continue to haunt us. My friends and I are the lucky ones — we all made it home safely. Thank you to police and swat teams that protected us.” Dianna later posted this photo of this concert t-shirt she bought, along with the simple message, “United we stand.”

Brent Michaels, PD of KUZZ/Bakersfield had left the venue shortly before the shooting took place. “I had gone back to the MGM Grand, but it became apparent very quickly that something had gone horribly wrong,” Michaels tells RAMP. “I can’t get overly specific for privacy reasons, but there are Bakersfield residents among the dead and injured. I’m horrified and in disbelief that this happened.”

• Beasley Media Group announced that several of their staffers were on site when the shooting took place. Thankfully, everyone is safe. Mike West, morning personality on Beasley Country KCYE (102.7 The Coyote) was at the show and shot this chilling video of the automatic gunfire from the Mandalay Bay spraying the Village venue.