Playing Whatever YOU Want

Rogers Media Top 40 CKKS (KiSS RADiO)/Vancouver just became Canada’s first fully interactive radio station — thanks to a partnership with Futuri Media and its cool slate of unique audience engagement tools — through the magic of #engage, POST and TopicPulse, listeners now have the power to choose what songs the station will play, thanks to a new voting system available on and the KiSS mobile app.

“Audience expectations are changing, and we’re always exploring new ways to deepen engagement with our listeners on digital platforms,” said John Hipper, Program Director of KiSS RADiO Vancouver, Chilliwack and Abbotsford. “This innovative approach to song selection makes the listening experience a true partnership between our station and our audience by offering listeners the chance to co-create the musical experience of the entire station.”

Daniel Anstandig, CEO of Futuri Media respectfully employed the traditional Canadian spelling of “honoured” when he commented, “We’re honoured that Rogers Media and KiSS RADiO are working with Futuri Media’s #engage, POST, and TopicPulse technologies to power their innovation. The launch of Canada’s first fully-interactive radio station is a major milestone for the industry.”