Another Day, Another Woody

• The Woody Show continues its aggressive outward expansion, this time into scenic Wichita, as iHeartMedia’s KTHR (ALT 107.3) annexes the Premiere-syndicated show, Monday through Saturday from 6-10am CT.

“Wichita has been in need of something like The Woody Show for some time now,” said Manny Cowzinski, PD of ALT 107.3. “The city has never had a morning show like this one — it’s as authentic as it gets. Our ALT 107.3 listeners are in for a lot of fun.”

Woody, who is joined daily by Ravey, Greg Gory, Menace and Sebas, commented, “We left a toothbrush, and have been getting our mail delivered to ALT 107.3 for a while now, hoping that one day they would pop the question… Finally, that day has come and today, December 11th, they are making an honest show out of us.”